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For details of training from 2010 on visit  www.theinstituteofnarrativetherapy.com


The Institute of Narrative Therapy

In an exciting new development a number of us have come together to establish the Institute of Narrative Therapy.  It is a sign of the growing acceptance of the importance of Narrative Therapy that we have been allowed by the government to use the word 'Institute' as part of our formal registered name.  

We hope that the Institute will provide a strong centre for Narrative Therapy in the United Kingdom and that through this it will help further establish Narrative Therapy as an important approach to working with people in all sectors and contexts.  

In future all Level 1 and Level 2 courses that we previously ran from the Centre for Narrative Practice will be run from within the Institute and participants will receive an Institute of Narrative Therapy certificate.  

The Institute will also be running a 6 week Diploma in Narrative Therapy, starting in April 2010 and ending in April 2011.    

Visit www.theinstituteofnarrativetherapy.com for full information.


European Conference of Narrative Therapy and Community Work, July 9th & 10th 2009

We are planning to create a page on this site for material - workshop notes etc - from the conference.  Watch this space.

2009 Training programme  - click here



The Narrative Forum is an email magazine published 3 or 4 times a year.  It provides an informal space for you to write about (and read about) your experiences of using narrative ideas in whatever setting, or for you to write about workshops you have attended, books or articles you have read, or almost anything else!  To receive the Narrative Forum email Hugh Fox on narrativefox@googlemail.com with a line or two about where you work and what you do. To contribute to the Forum please email  Sarah Walther on forum@narrativepractice.com      First time writers are particularly welcome and Sarah will be happy to discuss your ideas with you if this would be helpful.






We are an independent organisation recently moved from Manchester to Sheffield, UK.  We offer training in narrative therapy,  supervision and counselling/therapy for families and individuals as well as organising workshops and conferences and providing inservice training and consultation.   

Since our inauguration in 2002 we have hosted a number of events notably,
along with Dulwich Centre, Adelaide, the  5th International Conference of Narrative Therapy and Community Work in Liverpool in July 2003.    

As well as two further conferences of narrative therapy and community work, in March 2005 we hosted a conference Beyond Multi-culturalism:  addressing issues of 'race' and privilege  and a two day workshop with the Just Therapy Team from Wellington, New Zealand.  The key note address by Suman Fernando is on this site (articles).  

The Centre also provides inservice training packages on a range of subjects including narrative therapy, counselling, family therapy, family mediation and solution focused work.  We are available for consultations with agencies and community groups on a range of issues including team development and cohesion, working with race and gender and also considerations of social justice in therapy.

We are committed to ways of working that separate the person from the problem, avoid practices of power or expertise over those we work with and which open space for those whose lives are marginalised in our culture.

We also seek to support those practicing in line with these principles and to further the spread of ideas that are consistent with these principles. 

Anita Franklin
Hugh Fox


Training Programme for 2008/9:

Level 1 Training  Nottingham January - February 2009, 5 days

                             Leeds March - April 2009, 5 days

                             Newcastle-u-Tyne March - May 2009, 5 days

                             Manchester September - October 2009, 5 days

Level 2 Training  October 2009 - February 2010, 6 days, Manchester
European Conference of Narrative Therapy and Community Work, July 9-10, Brighton, UK
Supervision Group Monthly, Manchester

For current Training Programme visit www.theinstituteofnarrativetherapy.com


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