Centre for Narrative Practice

Narrative Supervision Group

Led by Hugh Fox

Thursday afternoons monthly

1.45pm –4.45pm


This group is aimed at practitioners who are using narrative ideas in their work and are looking for a context to support their practice.  The entry requirement is completion of Level 1 Narrative Training or equivalent, and the group is open to anyone who is trying to apply narrative ideas in whatever setting.   Numbers are limited.  

As well as providing group supervision of clinical (or other) work, there is a focus on understanding the maps of narrative practice;   a reading programme;   and opportunity other exercises to help develop understanding and skills.  

We  routinely audiotape the process of group supervision which has involved outsider witness responses.  The audiotapes of these discussions have often been taken back to the people whose lives we have been discussing.  These tapes serve to more richly describe the preferred stories of their lives and also act to connect the stories of their lives with those of the group members.  The tapes have frequently become an important resource for them.  For further details see Hugh’s article Outsider Witness Practices in Group Supervision International Journal of Narrative Therapy and Community Work 2002 No 4, available on this website under Stuff to Read.

Membership of the supervision group is initially for 12 months, and new entrants are accepted in March and September.  After an initial 12 months membership may be renewed for 6 months at a time.  



2009 (Thurs): Jan 15, Feb 12, Mar 12, Apr 23, May 21, Jun 25, Jul 30, Aug20, Sept 24, Oct 22, Nov 26, Dec 17


1.45 – 4.45


Victoria Park, Manchester


£400 for 12 sessions;  less 20% for self funders, ie, £320


01629 593623 or email narrativefox@googlemail.com


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