Centre for Narrative Practice


Level One Training in Narrative Practice 2009

Led by Hugh Fox


Nottingham - January 28, 29, 30 & February 26, 27 2009

Leeds - March 18, 19, 20 & April 30, May 1, 2009

Newcastle-u-Tyne - with Liz Todd, Educational Psychologist, University of Newcastle - March 23, 24 & May 6,7,8 

Manchester - September 16,17,18 & October 15 & 16, 2009


This course is for practitioners who want to get to grips with using narrative therapy in their practice.  It provides a foundation for the Level Two course.  

Whilst the course emphasises the acquisition of practical skills and the use of maps of narrative practice, the theories and ideas underlying these skills and maps are seen as key to the  methodical application of 'techniques'.  Participants will, therefore learn frameworks which guide the use of skills as well as the skills themselves.  Hugh works to provide a safe environment for learning and experimenting.  Participants are encouraged to integrate new ideas and practices with the skills that they bring with them to the training.

The course is structured so that initial key concepts can be taught and then taken away and put into practice.  The second two days enable course members to bring back their experiences, both good and bad, and to build on them, as well as to teach further ideas and skills.

Areas covered include:

Interviewing in respectful and collaborative ways

Using externalising conversations to separate the person from the problem and avoid blame

Helping people discover what is important to them and how to move towards this in their lives

Structuring interviews using narrative maps

Developing questions that help people to discover new knowledges and understandings

Re-authoring of lives and relationships

The difference between internal state identity categories and intentional state identity categories, and how to use this distinction

The relevance of culturally dominant stories in the problems that people bring to therapy

How to find the hidden hopes and values behind complaints and build on them

Using outsider witnesses

Using documents


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No prior knowledge of Narrative Therapy is needed for this course.  Reading will be provided to support the course teaching.  Participants are advised to buy Alice Morgan (2000), What is Narrative Therapy?  An easy to read introduction, Dulwich Centre Publications, Adelaide, Australia.  This can be ordered from Narrative Books,  www.narrativebooks.co.uk, or email mark@hayward.flyer.uk




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Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle-u-Tyne & Nottingham


420  (20% discount if you are paying for yourself, ie 336)


Ring 01629 593623 or email narrativefox@googlemail.com

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Nottingham, January/February 2009        (Please delete as applicable) 

Leeds, March/April 2009

Newcaste-u-Tyne, March/May 2009                                  

Manchester, September/October 2009

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