Centre for Narrative Practice

European Conference of Narrative Therapy and Community Work

Brighton, UK, July 9th & 10th 2009

Pre-conference, Tuesday July 7th
9.15 Registration, Pre-conference workshop
10.00 Exploring Narrative approaches to addressing men's violence  2 days with Maggie Carey, Shona Russell & Rob Hall  (Australia). (Day 1 of 2 day workshop)
4.30 Day 1 of workshop ends
Pre-conference, Wednesday 8th July


Registration, pre-conference workshops
10.00 Foucault, Derrida and Delueze:  their implications for narrative practice Allan Holmgren and Anette Holmgren  (Denmark).  

Introduction to Narrative Therapy:  FREE 1 day workshop open only to people attending the conference, with Sarah Walther and Lincoln Simmonds  (UK).

Exploring Narrative approaches to addressing men's violence  2 days with Maggie Carey, Shona Russell & Rob Hall  (Australia). (Day 2 of 2 day workshop)

4.30 Workshops end
6.00 - 7.00 Reception at conference venue

Conference, Day one, Thursday 9th July


Registration and tea & Coffee


Welcome and opening


KEYNOTE Allan Holmgren, Denmark,  Philosophy and Concept Formation in Narrative Therapy




WORKSHOP 1  One and a half hours








1.      Dorte Nissen, Lasse Offenberg and Thilde Westmark, Denmark, Skills of listening: complexity and challenges

2.      Vilija Girgzdyte, Lithuania, Long term work/life relationships

3.      Rodolphe Soulignac and Riaz Khan, Switzerland, Addictive thinking in cannabis smokers

4.      Peter Ord, UK, Stories of pets in work with adult mental health

5.      Sarah Walther, UK, Introduction to Narrative Therapy

6.      Ruth Erskine and Ruth Drake, UK, Narrative group work with adolescents facing chronic pain

7.      Ricardo Ramos, Spain, Multi-professional teams and the Story Not-Yet-Lived




Afternoon workshops:  choice of one 3 hour workshop or two 1 hour workshops


WORKSHOP 2  Three hours  (break for tea at 3.15)


1.      A.  Stephen Weatherhead & Graeme Jones, UK, Dilemmas in evidencing narrative;  B.  Mark Hayward, UK, Outcome research in narrative B.  Mark Hayward, UK, Outcome research in narrative

2.      A.  Gretchen Siglar, Aleda Erskine, UK, Reclaiming preferred identities:  cancer survivorship;  B.  Ceri Bowen, Giles Yeates, Siobhan Palmer, UK, Rehabilitation and chronic illness


Workshop 2A  One and a half hours


1.      Sarah Lunn, UK, Sickle Cell Anaemia

2.      Barry Bowen, UK, Therapeutic letters and the anti-anorexia team

3.      Debs Kelland and Sue Kennedy, UK, Women in prison

4.      Anette Holmgren, Amanda Redstone, Sarah Walther, Denmark & UK, Dilemmas in working with discourse




WORKSHOP 2 B  One and a half hours


1.      Isabelle Laplante, France, Metamaps of narrative

2.      Michael Guilfoyle, Republic of Ireland, The Therapeutic Relationship in Narrative Practice

3.      Rachel Morley, UK, Working with asylum seekers. witnessing injustice and therapeutic responsibilities

4.      Robert van Hennik, Annah Planjer, Netherlands, Children who distrust




Keynote, Keynote, Georgia Iliopoulou, UK/Greece, Angela Byrne, UK, and Experience Consultants, UK/African and Caribbean Men and Women, The Tree of Life in Community Contexts: experiences of using the Tree of Life in HIV & Mental Health Settings


Europe and Narrative Therapy past, present, future


End day 1


Conference, Day two, Friday July 10th


Tea & coffee


Workshop 3  One and a half hours


1.      Rudi Kronbichler, Austria, Jill Freedman, US, The 'absent but implicit' and 'unpacking problems' as entry points to subordinate storyline development

2.      Laura Beres, Dianne Beaver, Dianne Woods, Canada, Narrative gatherings in response to land claims

3.      Eva Sophia Myers, Denmark, Alternative witnessing practices

4.      Bruno Hillewaere, Belgium/Netherlands, Genograms

5.      Vicky Eames, Pat Hughes, UK, A Narrative Based Model for Initial Consultations

6.      Lisa Nicholson and Rachel Singer, UK, Therapeutic Documents

7.      Deborah Christie, Fiona McFarlane, UK, Using experience consultants in contexts of young people with pain and fatigue




Keynote, Maggie Carey and Shona Russell, Australia, Working with the absent but implicit




Workshop 4 Three hours (break for tea at2.30)


1.         Geir Lundby, Norway, Working with obsessions

2.         Dorte Lund & Anne Romer, Denmark, Supervision

3.         Szymon Chrzastowski, Poland, Tragedy and Narrative

4.         Art Fisher, Canada, Violence and politics of narrative practice

5.         Anne Saxtorph, Denmark, Interviewing outsider witnesses

6.    Anne Clilverd, UK, Inclusive narrative workshops in work with adult mental health


Closing plenary;  constructing the future for narrative in Europe;  panel/audience discussion


Closing ceremony


End of conference


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